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Commitment To Your Success.
"Empowering The Mind To Succeed By Design"

In the world of marketing and advertising, there are many different skillsets -- from writing, graphic design and video to print layout, ad strategy and large format design. Note that this has not even touched on the digital world of social media, web sites, text marketing, geofencing and SEO. How do you, as a business owner, know which tactics to use when and for what -- and how to diversify your budget to the right targets for the right reason?

Well yes, that's why businesses hire an advertising/marketing agency -- but even to call an ad agency, business owners must have the knowledge to communicate, negotiate and make the best decisions for their unique business needs.

Our courses & support system are designed to give every business owner:
  • A solid foundation of current marketing & advertising techniques, tactics & trends.
  • Regularly-added new courses to stay on top of late breaking marketing tactics.
  • Newsletters, podcasts & late breaking tips to grow new business.

Our expertise becomes your expertise, giving you the knowledge to truly empower success.


Our leaders provide consultation services and deliver ongoing value to support the success of our clients. Mental Capital leadership includes global marketing experience for both public and private companies (of all sizes), across many strategic vertical markets. Compounded by a depth of experience in Marketing, Advertising, Creative, Information Technology, Sales, Training, Public Speaking and Education -- we bring a comprehensive approach to delivering the best strategies and solutions for every type of business.

How can we help you?

“Every business owner has a passion, a vision and an expertise... ours is marketing your business.
However, we believe that every business owner deserves to have the industry-insider marketing knowledge to get behind the wheel and drive new levels of success."

- Lorin Harmon Sourbeck - CEO

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