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At Mental Capital, we believe that success is a choice – and all that every professional deserves have the knowledge to achieve their goals. Every business owner, marketing professional or sales person has an expertise at their product or service but the knowledge to market and advertise is a profession of its own. Whether you want to be empowered to market on your own or have the knowledge and language to hold your own with a marketing or advertising agency, you’re in the right place.

Our coursework provides exactly what you need, the way you need it. You can choose from our entire course list and take modules in YOUR order of priority. Whether you want to focus on targeted topics like email, video and social media – or build a totally foundation from branding through lead generation – have it your way. With short modules to course intensives – your all access pass includes everything to go through at your pace and in your order of need.

In addition to our entire course infrastructure, you automatically get access to new courses as they are added – keeping you up to date on the latest tech & trends in marketing and advertising. Our registered students also receive our Quick Tips newsletter, keeping you up to speed on late-breaking success tactics.

We believe in keeping it simple -- everything is included with your initial registration is $200, followed by a subscription for $59 a month. From there, with a current subscription, you retain full student access to everything as described!

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