Our Services are Built On The Belief That Success Is A Choice

The mindset for success begins with knowledge. We believe in empowering business owners, sales teams and marketing professionals with the knowledge to implement driving-force marketing solutions to achieve their goals. Our services are designed to build a solid foundation with education, then proceed with customized training, speaking & consultancy services to take it to the next level.

Marketing Empowerment Courses

As a business owner, you have a passion for your profession -- you love to do what you do and you are the expert. With education and/or experience in a given profession.... you're ready to conquer the world. Little did you know that you also needed a degree in marketing. Yes, a marketing agency is hired to come in and help you brand yourself, identify competitive differentiators and build out a marketing/advertising plan -- but how do you know that this plan is accurate to your audience, comprehensive and results-producing? Are measurements in places to ensure your marketing investments turn into goals achieved? Do you know the language to negotiate marketing and advertising services?

Our education courses are designed to help every business owner and professional gain a solid a understanding of the marketing and advertising world and gain modern-world knowledge how to turn advertising investment into measurable revenue. The fact is, technology has changed the entire landscape of marketing and a successful integration of digital tactics is necessary for survival.

The Mental Capital coursework series includes a full array of marketing & advertising education modules that build tactical knowledge for producing measurable revenue. Whether you need to know the language and the options available or best practices and latest advancements, we have you covered. Our coursework builds a solid foundation for the industry and keeps you up-to-date with ongoing update courses to keep you on top of the latest trends.

Legacy Training

Our Mental Capital courses provide a solid foundation that is necessary for all companies in all industries -- these constantly-innovated courses keep you up to speed with late breaking marketing trends. We also recognize the variations needed in target marketing for different industries and the importance of capturing the expertise of true vertical market legacy leaders. Mental Capital Legacy Courses are designed to capture in-depth knowledge from real legacy leaders and help companies harness the power of that experience. While change is certainly a never-ending constant, expertise is something that must be captured and duplicated quickly to grow a company's path forward into a staircase.

As part of our success empowerment series, we work with Legacy leaders to help capture knowledge and build it into inspirational and educational coursework. These courses can be leveraged exclusively for a company or shared across the industry. Our goal is our success and we partner to turn those goals into reality.

Motivational Speaking & custom education seminars

If you do the same thing the same way, you get the same results! Sometimes an outside voice makes all the difference in motivating and inspiring staff to achieve new levels of success. It's always time to get out of the box and apply new skills to grow new business.

We work directly with company leaders to determine challenges, goals and key messages -- designing the perfect message for the culture and nature of each business. With a custom seminar designed to deliver the right message at the right time, we help you break the boundaries to achieve new levels of growth. Whether you want to ignite a sales force, inspire new ideas or revolutionize a new path forward, we help you create, innovate and dominate your market.

Private CMO Level Marketing Consultation

Technology has completely transformed the entire marketing & advertising industry and survival of any business means rapid adaptation to digital marketing. New digital marketing technologies are evolving daily and business owners must not only keep up with this rapid evolution, but leverage the right tactics to reach the right market at the right time. With a private marketing consultation, our tenured experts start with a full analysis of your business, customer targets, geography, products/services and goals.

We start with your competitive differentiators, evaluate your market position and then engage in an interactive creative interview to learn the mindset of the leaders and culture of the company. A progressive creative consultation helps brainstorm possibilities and ideas that support your company direction and identify a roadmap of new pathways to achieve company objectives. Our true objectives are to find "money left on the table", identify lost opportunities, refine goals --and then build a plan to achieve those goals using the right tactics & technologies. Chances are, what you are doing is GREAT...but opportunity is in what you are NOT doing. We are the creative force to help you chart that course to new revenue.

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